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The privacy as a fundamental strategic asset for enterprise

The privacy as a fundamental strategic asset for enterprise: the case of the competition between Facebook and Google+ in the social network marketplace (see Kelleher in CNN Money here).

I think that the importance of privacy policies is not only limited to social networks, the increasing episodes of data breach and the growing up sensibility on this argument among people, both sides the Atlantic, point out that the data protection is an imperative and a resource.

From one side, the risk to face several class action related to data breach episodes is a strong incentive for companies to increase their data security. From another side, in the last decades, people have become more aware of the risks associated with unauthorized access to personal data, so they ask more data protection. As this awareness becomes more widespread, the market should seriously consider it: today, the privacy policies could become the reason to move from one service to another in an age of standardized goods and services.

We should then consider the protection of data in the right way. The protection of personal information is not a limit to the sharing of data, but requires that such sharing is based on a conscious and voluntary decision by the data subject.